Interior Design

Trinity's interior design services are vast, depending on the clients desire it could be a single room or an entire residence.In our work we live for details, that is what we pride ourselves on. With every experience we learn, improve and master what we do, the end result is an exclusively tailored design for each and every client.

The process always starts by understanding the clients needs, initial meetings can shed a light on their environment and preferences, to establish a guideline for a preliminary concept.

Once the preliminary concept is approved the journey of the concept development begins. Through initial drawings of, floor plans and layouts, reflective ceiling plans, suggested color schemes and textures the client will be able to piece together their vision and give us their feedback.

Having incorporated the clients feedback, will produce the final design which is comprised of the final detailed drawings of the floor and furniture layouts and reflective ceilings. In unison materials samples and perspectives will be presented on boards, in addition to the documents of material specifications and the bill of quantities and the project cost estimate.

Execution can only start after collaborating with the team of engineers to coordinate the interior design drawings against the existing electromechanical drawings and modify accordingly should there be any conflict.